Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Documents out of sequence!

I must have been day dreaming yesterday when I posted Document 265!  I've jumped ahead by over 30 documents.  This is probably because I have been absorbed in another area of history that I find fascinating and utterly engrossing - Reformation Europe, especially England and the religious turmoil under the Tudors.

One of my history classes this year has been an extension course with a small group of students.  Our case study was Elizabeth I - history and historiography.  It was a wonderful experience and my reading for the course took me on an adventure that re-vitalised my love of this period of English and religious history.

I will make another confess while I am at it ... while I work I often have the Psalms set to Anglican chant playing and occasionally a little Irish harp ... 

Within the slow work of writing up these texts comes the equally slow process of creating footnotes to shed more light on aspects of the documents.  It is slow but gives me great satisfaction. 

Now it is back to the correct order of these documents which continue to reveal nuggets of information that add colour to the received history of the early months of the war in Europe.  Again, and again, these texts show just how well informed the Holy See was in so many areas of diplomatic tensions and threats both before the war and in the months that followed the German invasion of Poland.

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