Academic Curriculum Vitae

1985    Bachelor of Theology (Honours) - Yarra Theological Union, a member college of the Melbourne College of Divinity.  Honours Thesis: Aspects of the Christological Thought of Ss Ignatius Loyola and Teresa of Jesus.

1994    Bachelor of Education - Australian Catholic University, Sydney

1997    Master of Arts (Honours) - Macquarie University, Sydney.  Masters Thesis: From the Manning to Majdanek: The War History of Private Maxwell Sawyer 1939-1945. (Thesis examiners - Professors Richard Breitman and Paul Bartop)

2004    PhD - Macquarie University, Sydney.  Dissertation: Confiteor: Eugenio Pacelli, the Catholic Church and the Jews. An Examination of the Responsibility of Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust, 1917-1943. (Thesis examiners - Professors John Conway, Michael Phayer and Dr Michael Burleigh.

2008   Publication of A Cross Too Heavy - Rosenberg Press, Sydney

2011   Publication of A Cross Too Heavy - Palgrave Macmillan, New York

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