Monday, September 19, 2016

ADSS 1.220 Valeri to Maglione: Christmas truce suggestion

ADSS 1.220 Valerio Valeri, France, to Luigi Maglione, Sec State.

Reference: Report number 9699/337, (AES 8992/39)

Location and date: Paris 22.11.1939

Summary statement: French Christmas truce suggestion.

Language: Italian


I enclose for the information of Your Eminence an article which appeared in L’Aube yesterday morning, in which M. Maurice Charité, as you will notice takes up again the proposal made in an article of L’Oeuvre, asking for an arms truce during next Christmastide. (1)

Considering the way the war is being carried on it would be more precise to speak of a reciprocal undertaking to have no recourse to arms in any shape or form during that period or part of it. (2)

(1) Maurice Charité, La tréve de Noël, L’Aube, 21.11.1939.  The article was inspired by another article by André Billy, which appeared the previous day in L’Oeuvre, supporting the idea of a Christmas truce.

(2) Pope Pius proposed a truce to the German government on 02.12.1939.  See Chicago Tribune, 03.12.1939.

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