Monday, September 19, 2016

ADSS 1.217 Micara to Maglione: mediation offer from Belgium and Holland

ADSS 1.217 Clemente Micara (1), Belgium, to Luigi Maglione, Sec State

Reference: Telegram 61, (AES 8123/39)

Location and date: Brussels, 08.11.1939

Summary statement: Appeals by the monarchs of Belgium and Holland came as a result of German threats.

Language: Italian


I learn from very good source that new offer of good offices for peace negotiations made by Sovereigns Belgium Holland is (?) due strong action German ambassador (2).

The latter, while blaming neutral states for not having supported peace offers contained in notable speech of Chancellor of the Reich, warned them about grave consequences which continuation conflict would bring them (3).

Belgian Government has taken new internal measures to reinforce defence preparations (4).

(1) Clemente Micara (1879-1965), Nuncio to Belgium and Luxemburg, 1923-50.
(2) Vicco von B├╝low-Schwante (1891-1970), German Ambassador to Belgium 1938-40.
(3) The German press had been publishing “warnings” to the neutral states to ignore the British blockade of Germany since the beginning of the war. E.g Chicago Tribune, 17.09.1939.

(4) Jacques Henri Davingnon (1887-1965), Belgian Ambassador to Germany 1935-40, had learned of German invasion plans,

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