Wednesday, September 28, 2016

ADSS 1.232 Cicognani to Maglione: FDR has appointed a representative to the Holy See

ADSS 1.232 Amleto Cicognani, Ap Del USA (1), to Luigi Maglione, Sec State

Reference: Telegram 300 (AES 9659/39)

Location and date: Washington, 23.12.1939

Summary statement: FDR has appointed a personal representative to the Holy See.

Language: Italian


The President of the United States of America appointed representative to Holy See with Letter addressed to His Holiness, which I dispatch immediately.  According to the wish expressed by the President I send this letter by open telegram and it will appear tomorrow in American Press. (2)

(1) Amleto Cicognani (1883-1973), Apostolic Delegate USA 1933-59.

(2) Myron Taylor (1863-1959), Personal Representative of the President to the Holy See with the status of Ambassador 1940-50.

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