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ADSS 1.231 Tardini notes: Ciano's explanation of Salzburg; the Royal Visit to the Vatican

ADSS 1.231 Domenico Tardini, notes

Reference: AES St Eccl 611.

Location and date: Vatican, 21.12.1939

Summary statement: Ciano’s attempts to mediate peace in Salzburg.  Press reports of the King and Queen’s visit to the Vatican.

Language: Italian


The Honourable M. Ciano accompanied the King to the Holy Father’s audience.  In the Holy Father’s antechamber he said: “I went to Salzburg to say: “peace, peace.  But they answered: war, war.”  In this way I was able to preserve peace for Italy but I was unable to preserve peace for Europe.” (1)

In His Eminence’s antechamber M. Ciano told me (with reference to yesterday’s harsh article in the Messaggero against L’Osservatore Romano), “I read it in the Messaggero.  The Head of the Government does not know these questions of protocol.” (2)

(1) This statement agrees with the minutes of the meeting of 12.08.1939 in Salzburg. DDI Series 8, Volume 13, n1, pp1-3.
(2) Messaggero 20.12.1939 published a small article on the front page titled “L’osservatore’s style” against  L’Osservatore Romano which had described in a modest manner, according to Messaggero’s opinion, the visit of the King and Queen to the Vatican.

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