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ADSS 1.213 Pius XII - Encyclical Summi Pontificatus

ADSS 1.213 Pius XII, Encyclical Summi pontificatus

Reference: AAS XXXI (1939), pp 413-435.

Location and date: Castel Gandolfo, 20.10.1939

Summary statement: The evils born of war and those that it portends are the outcome of errors denounced by the Church.  The theory that attributes to the State an absolute autonomy corrodes international justice at its base.  Peaceful coexistence pre-supposes mutual trust and observance of the pledged word.  Future peace should consider these principles and the victor should resist unjust temptations.  The new order must not rest on force but on natural rights and divine revelation.  The war has ravaged Poland, which has merited the sympathy of the world for its fidelity to the Church and Christian civilisation.  The Pope recalls his endeavours to prevent the conflict.  He ends with an appeal to charity for the victims and with vows for peace.

Language: Latin, Italian


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