Thursday, September 29, 2016

ADSS 1.236 Maglione to Cicognani: response to FDR

ADSS 1.236 Luigi Maglione, Sec State, to Amleto Cicognani, Ap Del USA.

Reference: Telegram 189 (ASS 9474)

Location and date: Vatican, 24.12.1939

Summary statement: Pope sends his thanks to FDR for his message and the appointment of Myron Taylor.

Language: Italian


Received coded telegram number 300 and open telegram (1).

Auspicious message of President Roosevelt has been gratefully received by His Holiness because of the origin, and noble sentiments which inspire it and the spiritual and civil benefits which give rise to hope of peace.

The august Pontiff, while proposing to answer this important and noble document personally, instructs Your Excellency to express, through the good offices of Mons. Spellman, Archbishop of New York, his deep gratitude to the President for the appointment of an envoy with the rank of Ambassador Extraordinary in the person of Mr Myron Taylor, whom he will be pleased to receive with all honour due to the dignity of the important mission entrusted to him.  He also invokes on the Eve of Christmas, the Supreme Assistance of Almighty God on the first citizen of the great Republic and on the entire American nation.

I ask Your Excellency to advise if before sending official reply to message we should await the receipt of written text or if the President intended to send telegraphic transmission only.


(1) ADSS 1.232

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