Thursday, September 1, 2016

ADSS 1.215 Cicognani to Maglione: FDR wants a representative at the Holy See

ADSS 1.215 Amleto Cigognani, Ap Del USA, to Luigi Maglione, Sec State

Reference: Report number 614/39 (AES 9451/39)

Location and date: Washington, 27.10.1939

Summary statement: Confirms Spellman’s report.  President Roosevelt wants a representative at the Holy See.

Language: Italian


I have the honour to transmit, enclosed, a report from His Excellency Mons Spellman, Archbishop of New York, addressed to Your Eminence concerning the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States of America and the Holy See. (1)

Your Eminence, in my Message 1929/39 of 22 April 1939, in reply to my Report 172/39 of 23 march 1939 (2) regarding the same subject was good enough to write: “I hope that the good intentions manifested by the President on this subject can come to a concrete conclusion with a minimum of delay.”  The conversation that the President had with the Archbishop of New York on the 24 October gives great hope for a prompt re-establishment of these relations, in the form pointed out in the enclosed report.

It will be my duty immediately to inform Your Eminence about the developments, which take place regarding this matter.  Everything leads one to believe that the President would soon like to have a representative accredited to the Holy See, especially at the present time, when so many nations and a great part of mankind confidently place their hopes for the return of peace in the Holy Father and also in the influence of this great Republic.

(1) ADSS 1.214

(2) Not published in ADSS.

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