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ADSS 1.237 Pius XII to King Vittorio Emanuele and Queen Elena of Italy

ADSS 1.237 Pius XII to King Vittorio Emanuele and Queen Elena of Italy.

Reference: ASS, 1939, p62.

Location and date: Quirinal Palace, Rome, 28.12.1939

Summary statement: Address of the Pope in the Quirinal; the return visit after the royal visit to the Vatican.

Language: Italian


On this auspicious day, in this august Royal Palace, as if a modern Palatinate of a new history of Rome, before His Majesty the King Emperor and Her Majesty the Queen Empress, mirror of motherly virtues to the Italian people, in the presence of a distinguished gathering of Royal Princes and Princesses, of court dignitaries and Government – and of the Eminent Cardinals and our retinue – We renew the expression of deeply felt pleasure at the solemn visit of their Majesties the Apostolic Vatican Palace made with that feeling of veneration for St Peter’s See which honours the Catholic spirit of the Dynasty of Savoy, made glorious by its Saints.  In this royal palace We confirm today the happy relations between Church and State, established ten years ago and which will remain one of the most shining glories of Our revered predecessor Pius XI and of His Majesty Victor Emanuel III.

Vatican and Quirinal, separated by the Tiber river, are united by the bonds of peace and by the memory of the religion of fathers and forebears.  The flowing water of the Tiber has carried away and buried the confused relics of the past in the Mediterranean sea and on its banks olive branches have blossomed again.

Today in this splendid hall, while the hand of a Roman Pontiff, for the first time after so many years, is raised again in the sign of benediction and peace, Italy watches and rejoices; the Catholic world watches and rejoices, and the two Princes of the Apostles, still sitting at the entrance of this palace, also seem to rejoice that they witness the dawn of a new era.  And Our lady of the Annunciation, who has her sacred altar here, will, I am sure bestow the bounty of her Grace on the Royal Family who revere her as the emblem of their highest Order of Chivalry.  And We too implore God and the Virgin Mother to extend the protection over the august Sovereigns, the Royal Princes and Princesses, over the distinguished Head and Members of the Government and all persons here present and bless the peace which, protected by the wisdom of its Rulers, makes Italy great, strong and respected.  And We hope with all Our heart that this example may urge and guide the peoples as brothers turned into enemies fighting each other on land, air and sea, to future understanding – an understanding whose content and spirit promise the development of a new peaceful and lasting order based on justice and Christian charity, without which there is no hope of lasting peace.


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