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ADSS 10.179 Angelo Rotta to Luigi Maglione

Reference: Telegram 193; (AES 2502/44)

Location and date: Budapest, 01.05.1944 @ 13.25, (arrived Rome @ 20.30)

Summary statement: Concerning the racial legislation in Hungary.

Language: Italian


I am following my report number 915 (1) of 28 April last.

The Cardinal Primate (2) had a long conversation with the Prime Minister (3) discussing, in very energetic terms, the racist legislation; but do not expect significant results because of the strong German pressure to avoid distinctions in favour of the baptised.  The Hungarian government, composed of very weak people and some racist fanatics, is not able to react.

The Prime Minister is personally well-disposed but weak, probably … will retire. (4)

Meanwhile, the anti-Jewish campaign grows more and more and the feared National Socialist movement expands into other fields. (5)

The Regent (6) continues in a purely passive role. (7)

(1) See ADSS 10.172.
(2) Justinian Seredy.  On 17.05.1944 the Cardinal wrote a summary of his efforts against the Antisemitic laws for the Hungarian bishops.  Included in the summary were details of his meetings with Sztojay on 13.04 and 23.04.1944.  A summary of the Cardinal’s statements throughout 1944 can be found here
(3) Döme Sztojay
(4) Sztojay resigned on 30.08.1944.
(5) There is a “?” in the original text, possibly added by the editors and indicative of unclear meaning in the telegram.
(6) Admiral Miklos Horthy (1868-1957), Regent 1920-1944.
(7) At the same time the William Godfrey (1889-1963), Apostolic Delegate in London, was informed by telegram by the Chief Rabbi, Joseph Herman Hertz (1872-1946), “that deportations Jews Hungary already started.  So far 24,000 deported from Carpatho-Russia, besides general deportation Polish refugees whose names known Hungarian police.  Please do utmost with view to precenting further deportations. We consider Pope’s influence this matter may be decisive”. [Hertz’s information was accurate.] Godfrey replied on 05.05.1944 promising to inform the Holy See.

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