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ADSS 10.124 Filippo Bernardini (Switzerland) to Cardinal Maglione

ADSS 10.124 Filippo Bernardini to Cardinal Maglione

Reference: Telegram 232 (AES 1879/44)

Location and date: Berne, Switzerland, 30.03.1944; received in Rome 31.03.1944

Summary statement:  Request intervention for the Jews of Hungary who are in “grave danger”.

Language: Italian

Text: The Apostolic Delegate in Turkey (1) wrote in communication number 154.  Grand Rabbi (?) Herzog (2) by way of Jerusalem with ardent supplication pleading (?) the goodness (?) the Holy Father will again intervene for the salvation of the Jews in Hungary, who are in grave danger. (3)

Cross references: 
(1) Angelo Roncalli
(2) See ADSS 10.80
(3) See ADSS 10.133.  On the 23.03.1944 (telegram with no number) the Delegate to Cairo, Arthur Hughes, had reported to Roncalli asking him to approach Chaim Barlas, the Istanbul based representative for Jewish Agency of Palestine, on behalf of the Chief Rabbi “regarding certain category Jewish refugees in particular danger”.

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