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ADSS 10.274 Secretariat of State to the British Legation - Hungarian Jews

10.274 Secretariat of State to the British Legation

Reference: (AES 4423/44)

Location and date: Vatican, 22.07.1944

Summary statement: Steps taken by Holy See for the Hungarian Jews.

Language: Italian


With reference to Note 38/7/44 of 10.07.1944, the Secretary of State of His Holiness wishes to assure the Legation of His Britannic Majesty that it did not fail to bring to the attention of the August Pontiff, the content of the aforementioned Note.

In this regard, the Secretary of State, believes that it is good to mention – as is known – that the Holy See is working, without neglecting any possibilities within its power to alleviate the pain of those who suffer on grounds or nationality or race. It adds that in the past few months, the action of the Holy See has, in a special way, come to the rescue of the Jews living in Hungary.  In their defense the Holy Father recently addressed an open telegram to His Highness, the Regent Horthy (2), requesting that he do all in his power to help those many unfortunate people who suffer because of their nationality or their race.  His Highness the Regent responded assuring that he will do everything possible to enforce the demands of humanitarian and Christian principles. (3)

I believe that the August appeal encouraged His Highness the Regent Horthy to take a more firm stance on the “racial” question and stimulate others in the Episcopate to explain with greater intensity activity in favour of those affected by the “racial” measures; the Hungarian Government – according to recent information received by the Secretary of State – has promised his Eminence Cardinal Justinian George Seredi, Archbishop of Ezstergom, that they would stop the deportations and grant special exemptions [for baptised Jews]. (4)

More news confirms that the situation for the Jews in Hungary shows an improvement and the Holy See will not fail to work so that this improvement may continue and grow. (5)

(1) By order of the British government, the Legation sent a message on behalf of the World Jewish Congress. See ADSS 10.249, n1.
(2) See ADSS 10.243.
(3) See ADSS 10.250.
(4) See ADSS 10.265.
(5) On the same day a similar response was sent to Casimir Papée, the Polish Ambassador.

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