Sunday, July 27, 2014

ADSS 10.253 Bernard Griffin, Westminster to Cardinal Maglione

As news of the Hungarian deportations continued to spread across the neutral and western world, protests grew in intensity.  This is one of the many that flowed into the Vatican throughout July.  It is also worth taking note of the dates below.  Griffin sent the telegram on 3 July.  Rome had been liberated for a month, but it took four days to reach the Vatican.

10.253 Bernard Griffin (1899-1956) (Westminster 1943-56) to Cardinal Maglione.

Reference: Telegram 548 (AES 4376/44)

Location and date: London, 03.07.1944 @ 11.48; (Received Rome 10.07.1944 @ 13.00)

Summary statement: Request intervention for Hungarian Jews.

Language: English


Have been requested by the World Jewish Congress (1) to support their appeal to Holy Father to intervene on behalf of Hungarian Jews. (2)

(1) See ADSS 10.249
(2) Response sent 14.07.1944 via Telegram 179 (AES 4376/44): “Holy See even through Papal Nunciature Budapest has left nothing undone and is still dong everything possible to alleviate sorrowful plight all those who are suffering on account nationality or race”.

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