Monday, July 28, 2014

ADSS 10.273 World Jewish Congress to Luigi Maglione - Hungarian Jews

10.273 World Jewish Congress to Cardinal Maglione

Reference: Telegram without number (AES 4955/44)

Location and date: London, 21.07.1944 (received Rome 24.07.1944)

Summary statement: Thanks to the Holy See for intervention in Hungary.  A final appeal to Regent Horthy is requested.

Language: English


World Jewish Congress gratefully conscious his Holiness aid behalf sorely afflicted and menaced Jews Hungary which has been followed by offer of Regent of Hungary secure release certain categories of Jews particularly children.  His Holiness efforts bring us new hope at eleventh hour of saving from death surviving remnants of decimated European Jewry and gives solace our persecuted brethren at moment of their present extinction.  In expressing gratitude for Holy Father’s noble humanitarian work we would respectfully and earnestly request his continued aid in urging Regent of Hungary speedily and practically carry out his offer by arranging quickest release greatest number of Jewish children and adults for whom sanctuary will be prepared and found. (1)

(1) See ADSS 10.281.

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