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ADSS 10.262 Maglione to Amleto Cicognani - Hungarian Jews

10.262 Cardinal Maglione to Amleto Cicognani, Ap Del USA

Reference: Telegram 1721 (AES 4301/44)

Location and date: Vatican, 12.07.1944

Summary statement: The Holy See is doing everything possible to help the Hungarian Jews.

Language: Italian


Representatives of American Christians of Hungarian Descent have telegrammed imploring the help of His Holiness for the Jews of Hungary. (1)

I ask your Excellency to make known to all interested parties that the Holy See has been long working to improve conditions for the aforementioned people, adding if it is deemed appropriate, that recently the Holy Father has intervened with Regent Horthy, communicating with him personally. (2)

(1) Professor Louis Toth (1893-1977), Mgr Elmer Eordogh (1875-1955) and others of The American Christians of Hungarian Descent telegrammed from New York on 08.07.1944.
(AES 4522/44)

(2) See ADSS 10.243.  On the same day the Secretariat of State telegraphed to the Apostolic Delegate in London.  Godfrey wrote to Easterman on 14.07.1944, and added a post script, that he received news from the Holy See: “the Holy Father has appealed personally to the Regent of Hungary on behalf of your people and that he has been assured that the Regent will do all possible to help”. (AES 4954/44).  Easterman thanked Cardinal Maglione in a telegram on 17.07.1944.

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