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ADSS 10.225 Amleto Cicognani (USA) to Luigi Maglione

One train left Hungary for Auschwitz with 1447 Jews on board.

Reference: Telegram 2098 (AES 3586/44)

Location and date: Washington DC, 09.06.1944 @ 12.40 (Received Rome @ 21.00)

Summary statement: Request for intervention for the Hungarian Jews.

Language: Italian


Four of the most important Rabbis representing “The Emergency Committee for the Salvation of the Jews of Europe” addressing a heartfelt plea to the Holy Father.  They know with certainty that the extermination of the Jews of Hungary has commenced and is continuing.  They are about one million.  The Rabbis beseech His Holiness to make a public appeal in the strongest terms that the Jews be spared. The Hungarian people, predominantly Catholic, will be impressed by such a high appeal and there is confidence that they will cooperate with bishops, priests and good lay people, in order that the government does not continue this slaughter.  This committee understands what it asks (or requests) but are convinced that only the words of the Pope will obtain a good effect.

Attachment: Cardinal Maglione to Angelo Rotta.
Telegram number 244 (AES 3800/44)
Vatican, 17.06.1944

Following my telegram number 240. (3)
According to reports received by the Holy See from the Apostolic Delegation in Washington, there is an “extermination” of Hungarian Jews. 

I ask your Excellency to let me know promptly whether this news is the truth and whether the episcopate has made a collective appeal to the government for non-Aryans and with what result. (4)

(1) See ADSS 10.207.  Arthur Hughes (1902-1949), caretaker Vicar Apostolic of Egypt, telegraphed from Jerusalem on 09.06.1944: “Chief Rabbi Holy Land felicitates Holy Father preservation Rome, begs exhort cardinal Seredi continue work protection rescue Jewish in great immediate danger”. (Telegram 189; AES 4428/44)
(2) Domenico Tardini annotated (on a separate page): “14.06.1944: telegraph Hungary and whether the bishops have anything for the Jews … (before the Holy See does anything directly)”
(3) 29.05.1944. AES 3285/44.
4. See ADSS 10.233

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