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ADSS 10.126 and 127: appeals for help from Pope Pius XII for the Jews of Hungary

Reference: Telegram 410 (AES 1945/44)

Location and date: London, 30.03.1944 @ 18.15; received in Rome 31.03.1944 @ 09.30

Summary statement: Request intervention for the Jews of Hungary.

Language: Italian


The Chief Rabbi of the Jews of London (1) kindly ask for intervention for their people in Hungary.(2)

(1) The Chief Rabbi of the British Empire, Joseph Hertz (1872-1946)

(2) See ADSS 10.124 for a similar request to Rabbi Hertz.

Reference: Telegram 1840 (AES 2712/44)

Location and date: Washington DC, 31.03.1944 @ 16.33; received in Rome 01.04.1944 @ 13.30

Summary statement: Request for intervention in favour of the Jews in the Baltic States, Hungary and Romania.

Language: Italian


I thank your Eminence for your telegram number 1488 (1) and the note for the [US] government.

Meanwhile representatives of the Union of North American Orthodox Rabbis have come here, and while grateful to the Holy See for its well-known actions in favour of the Jews, plead that the Holy See … engage bishops and others in the Baltic, especially Lithuania where there are many rabbis, Hungary and Romania to help save as many as possible. (2) Whether the governments of the countries mentioned remain independent as far as the National Socialists allow, it maybe difficult to obtain the outcome.

They have once again referred to the group of rabbis and Jewish teachers in Shanghai.  Referring to my telegram 1799 (3) I have assured them that the Holy See has done its best.

Mr Hull (4) thanks you very much for the Holy See interceding for the Jews of Slovakia. (5)

(1) Telegram sent on 28.03.1944 (AES 1754/44) not published in ADSS; see ADSS 10.117n4.
(2) Ibid
(3) The numbering of the telegram should read “1599”, and refers to ADSS 9.478, 21.12.1943.
(4) See ADSS 10.44n8
(5) See ADSS 10.38, 77n3.

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