Friday, April 17, 2015

ADSS 1.14 Sumner-Welles to Michael Ready: hopes for papal declaration for peace

ADSS 1.14 Under Secretary of State to Fr Michael Ready, Secretary of the National Catholic Welfare Conference.

Reference: Memo attached to report 366/39 (AES 4632/39)

Location and date: Washington DC, 20.04.1939

Summary statement: Sumner Welles expressed his satisfaction at the declaration by the American bishops and also hopes for a declaration by the Pope in favour of peace.

Language: English


May I first of all express my deep gratification by reason of the statement issued by the Administrative Board of Archbishops and Bishops of the national Catholic Welfare Conference in support of the efforts made by this government to further the cause of world peace.  This statement cannot fail to have a great and helpful effect in furthering the steps taken by the President.

May I also express to you my personal gratitude for the message you conveyed to his Excellency the Apostolic Delegate last Saturday.  I have taken pleasure in communicating to the President the information you were good enough to gibe me yesterday relating to the immediate results of the message communicated to the Holy See by the Apostolic Delegate.  We here cannot, however, help but believe that some public pronouncement by the Pope in support of the peace message would have the most beneficial effect throughout the world.  I am deeply hopeful that this possibility may be given further consideration.


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