Thursday, April 16, 2015

ADSS 1.8 Paolo Giobbe, Netherlands to Maglione - Dutch declare danger of war

ADSS 1.8 Paolo Giobbe (1), Hague, Netherlands, to Luigi Maglione, Sec State

Reference: Telegram (16) 17; (AES 2033/39)

Location and date: The Hague, 11.04.1939

Summary statement: Dutch Government declares the nation to be in danger of war.

Language: Italian


The Dutch Government has today officially declared the Nation in danger of war.

President of Council of Ministers (2) has declared over the radio that Holland is not directly threatened by anybody in particular but as a result of the international situation measures have been taken according to the existing laws.  He announced the Frontier Guards have been mobilised; notified reserve units to be in state of readiness; recommended calm and to continue orderly work.

Situation serious but not threatening, according to the Government.

I shall follow up with fuller information.

(1) Paolo Giobbe (1880-1972), Nuncio to Holland 1935-58
(2) Hendrikus Colijn (1869-1944), Prime Minister 1933-39.  Arrested by the Germans in 1941 he died in captivity in Germany in 1944.

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