Saturday, April 18, 2015

ADSS 1.24 Domenico Tardini, Sec State to Godfrey, UK: peace proposal

ADSS 1.24 Domenico Tardini, Sec State (1) to William Godfrey, Ap Del UK.

Reference: Telegram 5 (AES 2388/39)

Location and date: Vatican 05.05.1939.

Summary statement: British Government can discuss the papal proposal with its allies.

Language: Italian


Coded telegram Number 4 (2) received.

As the message has been sent to the Governments of the five Powers there is no objection to the Government there having talks about it, if they like to do so, with French, Polish Ambassadors.

(1) Domenico Tardini (1881-1961), Secretariat of State, Extraordinary Ecclesiastical Affairs (relations between the Vatican and governments/states) 1937-58.
(2) ADSS 1.23

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