Friday, April 17, 2015

ADSS 1.12 Sec State Notes: France asks for a response to FDR

 ADSS 1.12 Notes of the Secretariat of State

Reference: AES 2852/39

Location and date: Vatican, 16.04.1939

Summary statement: The French ask the Holy See to respond to President Roosevelt’s appeal.

Language: Italian


The French Ambassador (1) sent Monsignor Fontenelle (2) to the Secretariat of State to ask the Holy See t help as best as it can the initiative taken by Roosevelt with his message.

(1) Francois Charles-Roux (1879-1961) French Ambassador to the Holy See (1932-40).
(2) René Fontenelle (1894-1957) was a Sulpician priest who worked in the Roman curia.  His approach to the Secretariat was considered informal as he did not have diplomatic status.  Fontenelle was consecrated bishop in 1955.

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