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ADSS 1.16 Maglione to Bernardini, Switzerland: nuncio's report received.

ADSS 1.16 Luigi Maglione, Sec State to Filippo Bernardini, Switzerland.

Reference: AES 2145/39

Location and date: Vatican, 30.04.1939

Summary statement: Nuncio’s information on the international situation has been appreciated.

Language: Italian


I have received your report Number 5862 of 16.04.1939 (1) in which your Excellency relates two conversations which he had with Mr Motta and Mr Hervé Alphand, French Ambassador in Berne.

I have brought this to the attention of the Holy Father the interesting news sent to us and I think your Excellency for the diligent way in which you are keeping the Holy See informed.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge receipt of the other two detailed reports – 5841 and 5886 – dated 06.04 and 20.04 on the subject “Repercussions in Switzerland of the Internal Situation” (2) and “Diplomatic Relations between Switzerland and Russia” (3) and I assure your Excellency that I have read them with interest …

(1) See ADSS 1.10.
(2) Bernardini had sent a copy of “Appeal of the Federal Council” published in the Journal de Geneve.
(3) Not published in ADSS.

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