Friday, April 17, 2015

ADSS 1.15 Maglione to the bishops of the world: Pope's request for prayer for peace

ADSS 1.15 Luigi Maglione, Sec State to the bishops of the world.

Reference: ASS Circular, Secretariat of State 1487.

Location and date: Vatican, 21.04.1939

Summary statement: The Holy Father wishes everyone to offer prayer for peace.

Language: Latin


On the twentieth of this month the Holy Father graciously requested me to send out Letters, of which herewith a copy, I furtherance of his anxiety to do everything possible in the cause of peace.

I beseech you, on the basis of this letter, to do your utmost to encourage all in your Diocese, especially young people, to direct accordingly their prayers, pious exercise and any other actions that may be possible, to the Blessed Mother of God throughout the coming month. (1)

The hope shines forth that the many graces of the Blessed Virgin Mary – moved by humble entreaty – will propitiate God and lead men to penance and wise counsels.

On all who contribute to and partake in this worthy effort may the Apostolic Blessing be bestowed, as is the loving wish of the Supreme Pontiff.

I have no doubt that in the admirable conduct of your sacred ministry you will, with all due dispatch and diligence, comply with these paternal desires.

(1) Catholics have observed May as a month traditionally set aside for particular devotion to Mary, the Mother of God.  Many Catholics read the pope’s message asking for this Marian focus as a sign of the fear of a coming war. 

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