Saturday, August 4, 2012

ADSS 9.87 Maglione to Burzio: take all possible steps

ADSS 9.87 Cardinal Maglione to Giuseppe Burzio, charge d’affaires, Bratislava.

Reference: Telegram 34 (AES 1494/43)

Location and date: Vatican 09.03.1943

Summary statement: Steps Giuseppe Burzio must undertake for the Slovakian Jews.

Language: Italian


Following your report 1376/43 of 06.03.1943 (1) containing news of the imminent deportation of 20,000 Jews from Slovakia (2) we ask that if the rumours are true, that you take all possible steps you deem appropriate with the government in order to prevent these measures.  I await your immediate response. (3)
(1) See ADSS 9.81.
(2) See ADSS 9.86
(3) See ADSS 9.89

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