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ADSS 9.171 Maglione to Godfrey: Efforts of Holy See; position on Palestine

ADSS 9.171 Cardinal Maglione to William Godfrey, Apostolic Delegate, UK.

Reference:  Telegram 358 (AES 2701/43)
Location and date:  Vatican, 04.05.1943

Summary statement: Efforts of the Holy See to help the Jews; position of Holy See on the Holy Land

Language: Italian


I refer to your telegram number 271. (1)

You know well how the Holy See has done everything possible to come to the aid of the non-Ayrans, despite serious difficulties.

The Holy See has always been interested in and shown special care for young people and children.  Concerning your report about the children, the Holy See has not failed to strive in this regard:  however, I need to know, from time to time, their number and also to which governments and in what sense the Holy See can intervene.

As for the serious question of the Jewish Home in Palestine (2) your Excellency doubtless remembers the attitude taken by the Holy See at the time of the Balfour Declaration in 1917. (3)

It is a known fact that Catholics, in addition to enjoying special rights with regard to the Holy Places, are watching from all around the world, with deep piety and devotion to the land of Palestine, sanctified by the presence and the memories of the Divine Redeemer.

Therefore, Catholic religious feeling would be seen to be wounded, and would fear for their rights if Palestine were to belong exclusively to the Jews.

Cross references: 
(1)  See ADSS 9.94
(2)  Balfour Declaration, 02.11.1917.
(3)  See ADSS 9.191.

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