Saturday, August 4, 2012

ADSS 9.89 Burzio to Maglione: deportations not imminent

ADSS 9.89 

Reference: Telegram 34 (AES 1596/43)

Location and date: Bratislava (Pressburg) 11.03.1943, 1110 hours, arrived Rome 2015 hours.

Summary statement:  Information on the situation of the Jews in Slovakia.

Language: Italian


I received your telegram number 34. (1)

A report on the subject has already been sent. (2)  Deportation of the last 20,000 Jews remaining in (Slovakia?) is very likely, but it does not seem imminent, nor is it possible to obtain reliable information from government authorities who are very reserved and respond evasively. (3)

Cross references: 
(1) See ADSS 9.87
(2) See ADSS 9.85
(3) See ADSS 9.147

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