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ADSS 9.324 Roncalli to Maglione

  9.324 Angelo Roncalli, Apostolic Delegate, Turkey to Cardinal Maglione.

Reference:  Report number 4344 (AES 6077/43)
Location and date:  Istanbul, 04.09.1943

Summary statement: Steps taken for Italian Jews; Delegate’s doubt as to the feasibility of Jewish emigration to Palestine.

Language: Italian


Following my report 4332 of 20 August 1943 I am sending other questions which have been submitted to me on behalf of the Jews.

The second of these means to obtain the intervention of the Holy See because it is able to facilitate the release of many Jews in Italian territory: and the other changes already mentioned in my earlier notes, numbers 1, 3, 4, 5. (2)

I confess that this directing by the Holy See of the Jews to Palestine, almost suggesting the reconstruction of the Jewish kingdom, starting by bringing them out of Italy, gives rise to some uncertainty within me.

Doing this is what their compatriots and political friends are involved in.  But I do not think it in very good taste that the exercise of the simple and noble charity of the Holy See, may offer the occasion of the appearance that could be recognised as cooperation, minimally and indirectly, to the realisation of the messianic dream.

All this is perhaps nothing but a personal scruple that I have not yet confessed.  Even so, it is quite certain that the reconstruction of the kingdom of Judah and Israel is a utopian dream.

Cross references: 
(1)  See ADSS 9.301.
(2)  Not published in ADSS.

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