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ADSS 1.209 Maglione to Cicognani (USA): Martin Kennedy's speech

ADSS 1.209 Luigi Maglione, Sec State, to Amleto Cicognani, Ap Del USA.

Reference: AES 6670/39

Location and date: Vatican, 26.09.1939

Summary statement: Allusion made by New York Assembly Representative Martin Kennedy that the Pope’s peace effort was appreciated.

Language: Italian


During the 35th conference of the inter-parliamentary Union held in Oslo (1) last August, Hon. Martin Kennedy, New York State Representative (2), recalled especially the initiatives taken in favour of peace by the August Pontiff, wishing them the best success.

I beg Your Excellency to communicate to Hon. Kennedy (230 Park Avenue, New York City) – if possible – that the Holy See has appreciated the particular reference made by him to the pontifical initiatives to avoid war.

(1) The Inter-Parliamentary Union, founded in 1889, was a global and permanent forum for political multilateral negotiations.  The 35th conference was held in Oslo from 15-19.08.1939.

(2) Martin Kennedy (1892-1955) was a Democratic senator in New York 1924-30 and Congressman from 1930-1945.

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