Sunday, August 28, 2016

ADSS 1.190 Tardini to Cortesi: Nuncio must follow the Polish Government

ADSS 1.190 Domenico Tardini, Sec State, to Filippo Cortesi, Poland.

Reference: Telegram 49, (AES 6151/39)

Location and date: Vatican, 05.09.1939

Summary statement: Nuncio must follow the government.

Language: Italian


Coded telegram number 41 received. (1)  As Your Excellency is accredited to Government it is better to follow it.  I beg you to look after safety of code and if possible archives, taking them with you or, if necessary destroying more delicate documents.

Handwritten note of Domenico Tardini:
The telegram of His Excellency Monsignor Cortesi was handed to me at 15.00hrs.  Owing to the urgency of the matter, I sent a reply immediately, following the same procedure of 1930 when the Secretary of State gave the same order to His Excellency, Monsignor Ratti, then Apostolic Nuncio in Warsaw.

The Holy Father approves the Telegram.


(1) ADSS 1.189

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