Tuesday, August 30, 2016

ADSS 1.205 Arata to Maglione: Latvian peace initiative

ADSS 1.205 Antonino Arata (1), Ap Nuncio to Latvia to Luigi Maglione, Sec State

Reference: Telegram 25 (AES 7632/39)

Location and date: Riga, 20.09.1939

Summary statement: Latvia would like the Holy See to take the initiative in uniting the neutral nations to enable them to resist pressure to force them to enter the war.

Language: Italian


The Minister for Foreign Affairs (2) asked me during today’s audience to send to the Holy Father these following ideas:

1. Tendency of the neutral countries (excluding Italy and Russia from this category) to form different groups according to their own material interests now threatened;

2. Absolute superiority of the Holy See over all neutrals and its exclusively moral motivations as well as the beneficial influence it exerts everywhere in the present circumstances;

3. Minister would ask Holy See to exert special action aiming at uniting all neutral countries (Balkan, Baltic, Scandinavian, as well as Holland and Belgium) in order to be able to manifest more effective resistance to efforts to bring them into conflict.  I would appreciate reply to this proposal.

(1) Antonino Arata (1883-1948), Nuncio to Latvia 1935-48.

(2) Vilhelms Munter (1898-1967), Latvian Minister for Foreign Affairs 1936-40.

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