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ADSS 1.134 D'Arcy Osborne to Secretariat of State: suggestion for Polish Corridor

ADSS 1.134 D’Arcy Osborne to Secretariat of State.

Reference: British Legation Number 38/96/39; AES 5751/39

Location and date: Rome, 26.08.1939

Summary statement: Suggestion that the Polish corridor and adjacent territory be made an independent state administered by ‘disinterested powers’ – if the Pope suggested it, Poland might accept.

Language: English


His Majesty’s Minister to the Holy See has received the following telegram addressed to him from London by Sir Ernest Graham-Little MP. (1)

“Deeply moved by fatherly message from His Holiness. Humbly suggest following action in present crisis.  Polish Corridor and adjacent territory to become independent state like Monaco, Lichtenstein, Tangier, guaranteed or administered by disinterested powers, securing complete freedom for all nationals and for trade.  Poland might accept suggestion if His Holiness deigned to propose it.”

Mr Osborne has replied that he has forward a copy of the this telegram to the Secretariat of State.


(1) Ernest Graham Little (1867-1950), Member of Parliament for London University, 1924-50.

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