Saturday, October 24, 2015

ADSS 1.128 Maglione to Cortesi: any concessions?

ADSS 1.128 Luigi Maglione, Sec State, to Filippo Cortesi, Poland.

Reference: Telegram Number 42, AES 5656/39

Location and date: Vatican, 26.08.1939

Summary statement: If the Poland made a concession to Germany over Danzig there could be hope of avoiding conflict.

Language: Italian


In diplomatic circles it is thought that, if Poland made some concession to Germany about Danzig, it would be possible to reach an understanding. (1) Would Your Excellency please consider how it is possible, without entering into the merits of the interests through vital by Poland, to communicate this news to the Polish Government in order to avoid imminent bloodshed.


(1) ADSS 1.125.  See also DBFP, Series 3, Volume 7, pp157-58.

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