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ADSS 1.123 Orsenigo to Maglione - options for Poland

ADSS 1.123 Cesare Orsenigo, Germany, to Luigi Maglione, Sec State.

Reference: Telegram number 335, AES 6013/39

Location and date: Berlin, 25.08.1939; received Vatican 26.08.1939 at 08.00.

Summary statement: Germany wants to force Poland to negotiate. Without participating directly, the Holy See could suggest a Polish declaration regarding the condition of the German minority in Poland. 

Language: Italian


Coded dispatch received. (1)

Hitler mentioned in well-known conversation, vital German necessity and especially provocation on account of slaughter of Germans.

Newspaper and radio report today new massacres.

It is general impression that Germany stages menace of imminent war to induce Poland to agree to negotiate and to cooperate to this end would be tantamount to helping German in its game.

However, Poland might, if invited by the Holy See, declare itself to be ready to avoid slaughter provided Germany would undertake same commitment.

There is no way of mu finding pout whether Germany would accept: probably they would request the opening of negotiations; Holy See could, if it is thought right, transmit request and eventually recommend it.

It is believed that, even in case of failure, action would be appreciated because of neutral nature. (2)

(1) The number is missing, bit the telegram evidently refers to telegram n105 of 25.08.1939 from Tardini to Orseingo. See ADSS 1.119.

(2) The document carries on the top a handwritten note from Domenico Tardini: “Brought to the Holy Father 26 August 1939 at 13.00” and in the margin a comment by Pius XII: “I think that these proposals could be sent to the Warsaw Nuncio to be communicated and recommended to the Polish Government, provided possible and opportune.”

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