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ADSS 1.72 Maglione to Valeri: Holy See and International Diplomatic Academy

Volume and Document Number: ADSS 1.72 Luigi Maglione, Sec State, to Valerio Valeri, France.

Reference: AES 3754/39, draft

Location and date: Vatican, 24.06.1939

Summary statement: The Holy See cannot participate in initiatives of the International Diplomatic Academy.

Language: Italian


I have duly received the careful report of your Excellency, Number 8415.179, of 10 June, regarding the proposal of an international diplomatic meeting. (1)

I thank your Excellency for having diligently reported what M. de la Barra and M. Frangulis have expressed regarding the initiative they wish to take to protect peace.

This can certainly prove to be an excellent initiative: but as you have already so well explained to the two gentlemen, the Holy See must preserve its moral independence, in order to be able to exert5 with some hop of success, in an atmosphere so troubled by political passions, its providential conciliatory action amongst nations.


(1) ADSS 1.60

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