Friday, July 24, 2015

ADSS 1.77 Maglione to Orsenigo: Asking clergy to urge calm in Poland

ADSS 1.77 Luigi Maglione, Sec State, to Cesare Orsenigo, Germany.

Reference: AES 4119/39 – draft written by Domenico Tardini

Location and date: Vatican, 28.06.1939

Summary statement: After having asked the Nuncio to induce Warsaw to take a prudent attitude, Maglione asks Orsenigo to invite the Primate, to advise the clergy to be calm and relies on the moderation of the German government.

Language: Italian


I have received Report 48 of 23 June. (1) Regarding Holy See’s action recommending calm and moderation, I inform you that, by august order of His Holiness, on 16 June I invited Monsignor Cortesi to repeat to the Polish Government the recommendation already made. (2) – Monsignor Cortesi states that his approach to the Foreign Minister had been favourably received. (3) I am telegraphing in the same vein to the Warsaw Nunciature in order that Cardinal Hlond (4) does his best to invite the clergy to exert a moderating action.  The Holy See is sure that the German Government will do their best to reach the desired aim.

(1) ADSS 1.72
(2) ADSS 1.64
(3) Filippo Cortesi (1876-1947), Nuncio to Poland 1936-47; ADSS 1.70

(4) August Hlond (1881-1948), Cardinal Archbishop of Poznan and Primate of Poland 1926-46.

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