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ADSS 1.76 Tardini, notes: draft telegrams on German-Polish tension

ADSS 1.76 Domenico Tardini, notes

Reference: AES 4119/39 – handwritten note

Location and date: Vatican, 28.06.1939

Summary statement: Draft telegrams for Berlin for easing German-Polish tension.

Language: Italian


The Report No. 48,(27.810) 0f Berlin Nunciature dated 23 June (1), relating to the “German-Polish tension”, says that Baron von Weizsäcker (2) mentioned the moderating influence that could be exerted on the Polish population by the Catholic clergy.  In view of this, the Cardinal Secretary of State in order to once more demonstrate the unceasing activity of the Pope on behalf of peace, would suggest sending the enclosed dispatches.

(1) ADSS 1.72

(2) Ernst von Weizsäcker (1882-1951), German Secretary of State, Foreign Office 1938-43.

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