Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dave Masko: Holocaust's final solution now viewed as a "European Project" from HULIQ

Dave Masko's thought provoking piece was published on HULIQ, an independent news media based in North Carolina.  Much of the article is not unfamiliar to historians of the Holocaust, but I was "hooked" by the references to Slovakia and Priest-President Tiso, about whom I have posted of late.
The editor, Armen Hareyan, kindly gave permission for me to publish the opening paragraphs of the article here.  I am more than happy to support independent media and encourage readers to do the same.   Masko's comments about Tiso are drawn from Dan Stone's book Histories of the Holocaust. - which is now added to my reading list for the Australian summer.  Stone is Professor of Modern History at Royal Holloway, University of London.

SEAL ROCK, Ore. – Claudia remembers bone-numbing cold and a heaven full of gray scud when “most of the adults were gassed on arrival at the Auschwitz extermination camp;” in turn, the Holocaust’s “final solution” began in earnest 70 years ago this month when the Auschwitz gas chambers became fully operational.

The preliminary stage of the “Final Solution” began in October and November 1941 when the gas chambers became operational at Auschwitz.” Also, on “October 23, 1941 – some 70 years ago – Catholic priest Jozef Tiso visited Hitler’s headquarters and requested Himmler’s assistance in deporting the Jews from Slovakia to concentration camps,” states a recent history of the Holocaust, while also noting that Father Tiso “justified his regime’s actions to the Holy See (the Pope) until the very end of the war – ‘Holy Father, we shall remain faithful to our program’ – it is clear that the Holocaust in Slovakia was far more than a German project, even if it was carried out in the context of a ‘puppet’ state,” writes author Dan Stone in the new book “Histories of the Holocaust” that’s an Oxford University Press publication recently sent out to colleges, universities and libraries worldwide.

To read the rest of the article and support independent news media, click here.

Dan Stone

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