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ADSS 8.342 Bernardini to Maglione: Jewish thanks for papal intervention.

The expression of thanks from the World Jewish Congress and the Jewish Agency for Palestine based in Switzerland demonstrated the firm belief in the perception of papal powers of intervention and persuasion. In the Slovakian case thus far, papal protests made life for the Slovak government increasingly uncomfortable.  This was in no small measure due to the pressure applied through the Slovak bishops.  The deportation of the Jews was not halted until October 1942 when the government succumbed to pressure applied through the Catholic Church and Jewish community agencies in Slovakia and Hungary.

ADSS 8.342

Reference: Report number 14689, (AES 2731/42, orig)
Location and date: Berne, 09.04.1942

Summary statement: Recognition of Jewish authorities for the steps of the Holy See for the Slovak Jews.

Language: Italian


With reference to the dispatch No. 2327/42 of 27 March 1942, I hasten to inform Your Eminence that the reverend leaders of the World Jewish Congress and Jewish Agency for Palestine have asked me to convey their deepest expression of gratitude for the authoritative intervention of the Holy See to the Slovak Government in favour of their co-religionists.

The effectiveness of Your Eminence is demonstrated in the speech delivered on 27 March [1942] by the Deputy Premier and Minister of the Interior, which is attached (1) and in which Mr Mach sought to justify the measures taken against the Jews and to present them as compatible with natural law and religious principles.(2)

The leaders of the Jewish Congress and the Jewish Agency for Palestine are confident that the government will be persuaded by the Holy See to revoke such unjust and inhumane measures.

Cross references:

(1) Not published.

(2) ADSS 8.334

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