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ADSS 8.326 Burzio to Maglione: deportations will proceed

At some point in the afternoon of 25 March 1942, Giuseppe Burzio received news from the Ministry of the Interior telling him that the rumours of a suspension of the planned deportation were false.  Burzio did not reveal his source at the Ministry, only that he received the news from it.  There is an urgency in this telegram that reflected the growing unease among Vatican diplomats in Bratislava, Budapest and Rome.  While controlling Hitler or Mussolini was beyond the realms of possibility for the Vatican, the idea that a priest, Jozef Tiso, would ignore direct requests from the Pope, seemed unbelievable.

It is in the note written by Domenico Tardini on 27 March that the impotence of the Holy See is felt most keenly.  Instructed by Cardinal Maglione, Tardini telegrammed Burzio and told him to go and see Tiso personally and plead with him to halt the trains.  Maglione sent his own telegram shortly afterwards setting out very clearly what Burzio was to do and say to the Priest-President. (ADSS 8.332)

ADSS 8.326
Reference: Tel nr 22 (AES 2388/42)
Location and date: Pressburg (Bratislava) 25.03.1942 @ 1810
(Arrived Rome 0930 26.03.1942)

Summary statement: Information sent yesterday that the government had suspended the deportation of the Slovak Jews was false.

Language: Italian


Contrary to yesterday’s rumour (1), the Government has not given up its inhuman proposition and is at present concentrating 10,000 men and an equal number of women as the first contingent. Afterwards, there will be more transports until all are deported. I was told the above (?) by the Ministry.

Note of Monsignor Tardini on a separate page:

27.03.1942. Eae (Ex audientia Eminentissimi – After meeting with Sec State)

Telegraph Mons Burzio – in response to his telegram – telling him the steps he is to take and instructing him to go personally to see Tiso. (2)

(I do not know if this will fail to stop … the madness! And the two madmen: Tuka who acts and Tiso – a priest – who lets him do it!)


(1) ADSS 8.324

(2) Cf ADSS 8.332

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