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ADSS 10.383 Montini to Georges Barcza - Hungarian jews

10.383 Giovanni Montini to Georges Barcza de Nagylasony, former Hungarian Ambassador to the Holy See

Reference:  ASS 85851, minute.

Location and date: Vatican, 02.11.1944

Summary statement: Holy See is intervening for the Jews of Hungary.

Language: French


The vicissitudes of war and the huge delays in communications which are the consequence, mean that your letter of last June, has only just reached me in the last days of October. (1)

I read with sadness the details you gave me about the treatment inflicted on the Jews by people in your homeland.  You will not be surprised by my saying that we were, alas, long aware of this situation and the Holy See has intervened for these unfortunate people throughout to the extent it was possible.  I assure you also that it is currently, and will continue to do so in the future, everything in its power to do.

Thank you for your kind words to my colleagues and me. We also have very happy memories here of your Excellency.

(1) Georges Barcza de Nagylasony (1888-1961), was a Hungarian diplomat and former Hungarian ambassador to the Holy See (1927-1938).  The letter was sent via Ouchy, Switzerland, “through the American mission here” on 06.06.1944, requesting the intervention of the Holy See.  Barcza also sent a telegram on 24.06.1944 on the same subject; but the arrival time is unknown.  Barcza was working with George Mantello in Switzerland to publicise the Auschwitz protocols and mobilise the Swiss media.  Exiled after the war, Barzca settled in Sydney, Australia where he lived for the rest of his life.

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