Monday, December 15, 2014

ADSS 10.370 Tardini to Rotta - keep helping the persecuted; the Pope understands the situation

Reference: Telegram nr. 329 (AES 7101/44)

Location and date: Vatican 23.10.1944

Summary statement: Nuncio must continue to all he can for the persecuted.  Pope understands the gravity of the situation. 

Language: Italian


I received your telegram number 302. (1)

The Holy Father has heard the news with great sorrow.  He commends you for your diligence in keeping the Holy See informed and sends you a special Apostolic Blessing.

Pressing appeals imploring the intervention of the Holy See continue to arrive on behalf of many people exposed to persecution and violence and persecution because of their religious denomination, race or political motivations. (2)

He wishes your Excellency to continue your charitable activities with your well-known zeal, taking advantage of the collaboration of the [Hungarian] bishops presenting as much as possible the paternal solicitude of the august Pontiff, and showing that the Catholic Church does everything possible to accomplish its universal mission of charity even in the present difficult conditions. (3)

(1) ADSS 10.359
(2) ADSS 10.362
(3) ADSS 10.371 and 381.

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