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ADSS 10.368 Rotta to Sec State - collection for refugees

10.368 Angelo Rotta, Hungary to the Secretariat or State.

Reference: Telegram nr: 304 (AES 7109/44)

Location and date: Budapvest 22.10.1944 @ 16.00, (arrived Rome 23.10.1944 @ 18.00)

Summary statement: Collection for refugees to be held on 29.10.1944; Hungarian currency is loosing value rapidly.

Language: Italian


Cardinal Seredi has ordered a collection … for Sunday 29.10.1944 in all Catholic Churches in Hungary for the many refugees.  I believe, if it it was convenient, that the Holy Father make (?) a donation of at least 50,000 pengő. The available cash funds of the Nunciature, which could increase, are 692,000 (?) pengő; such an offer would be even more desirable in order to dispose of the currency, which loses value every day. (1&2)

Note of Montini:

Aid Commission (Vatican Relief Agency?).  Refer immediately.


(1) On 30.06.1944 33.51 pengő bought USD 1. 

(2) A note from the Office, 02.12.1944 summarised the various stages of this operation: on 26.10.1944 the Secretariat of State authorised the Nuncio to withdraw money from the Nunciature funds; on 27.11.1944 Rotta restated that gravity of the situation; a handwritten note by Montini on 03.12.1944 said: Audience with His Holiness: you (Rotta) may have the other 50,000 pengő. (AES 7889/44)

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