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ADSS 10.295 Amleto Cicognani, Apostolic Delegate USA to Luigi Maglione - Hungarian Jews

10.295 Amleto Cicognani, Ap Del USA to Cardinal Maglione

Reference: Telegram 2288 (AES 5957/44)

Location and date: Washington DC, 09.08.1944 @ 17.00 (Received Rome 10.08.1944 @ 17.00)

Summary statement: Recognition of the American Jewish Committee of the efforts made by the Holy See for the Hungarian Jews.

Language: Italian


The American Jewish Committee and the Committee for the Salvation of the Jews of Europe have asked me to send to the Holy Father and your Eminence their expression of profound gratitude for the significant improvement in Hungary.  News confirms that the deportation of the Jews has ceased and the committee recognises that this is due to the Holy Father. (1)


(1) On 28.08.1944 Domenico Tardini telegraphed Washington (Telegram 1821, AES 6512/44) to “Representatives of the National Jewish Welfare Board” of New York who had sent their expression of gratitude to the Holy Father for the work done by the Holy See for the non-Aryans in Italy”. (See ADSS 10.272).

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