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ADSS 10.280 Andrea Cassulo, Romania to Luigi Maglione - Hungarian Jews

Reference: Report number 11162 (AES 7013/44)

Location and date: Timişul de sus, 28.07.1944

Summary statement: Information on the deportation of the Hungarian Jews and request for intervention.

Language: Italian


With my report 11127 of 11.07.1944 (1) I sent to your Eminence a letter from Doctor Safran, the Chief Rabbi of Romania, who sought help for his Hungarian compatriots who have been subjected to exceptional coercive measures in recent months.

I am sending now the document confirming the painful facts, and I send it to your Eminence with the thought that it could be used to alleviate to some extent, the fate of so many poor people forced to leave their homes and live in concentration camps. (2)

I understand that it is not easy, given that the measures are so stringent, the war situation and the pressure under which the Hungarians authorities operate.  In any case, I believe that we do well to pray that a quick end is made to this painful situation for all concerned.

(1) See ADSS 10.260
(2) The document, with no date, was signed by six people. (Archives of the Romanian Nunciature).  It said [in German] “As Your Excellency most likely knows, the Royal Hungarian Government has begun deporting the Jews.  As a result of this order the Jews of Transylvania were taken and without exception, forced to leave their homes.  For some time we have had no news of our families, and all attempts to learn of their fate have been fruitless.  Our despair is without limits, because many of our parents, siblings and children have been struck with this merciless fate.  In our desperation we call on the Christian charity of the Holy Catholic Church, which, throughout its history, has always helped people in need”.

(3) See ADSS 10.295, n1.

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