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ADSS 10.293 Andrea Cassulo, Romania to Luigi Maglione - Transylvanian Jews

Reference: Telegram 187 (AES 6510/44)

Location and date: Timişul de sus, 08.08.1944 @ 09.30 (Received Rome 10.08.1944 @ 10.00)

Summary statement: Request for help for about 2,000 Jewish families, many of whom are Christians, threatened with deportation.  They wish to go to Palestine.

Language: Italian


Ernest Grossmann (1), a delegate for a group of Jews from northern Transylvania, many of whom have relatives who converted to Christianity, are threatened with deportation to Hungary. (2) They earnestly seek to obtain permission from the German authorities to emigrate to Palestine via the Danube which is under German control in Romania.  There are approximately 20,000 families. (3)

(1) In his letter of 1.08.1944, Cassulo added: “I want to emphasise that the emigration of the Jewish element of Europe between the views of the German authorities and all that the Catholic Church has done for them in different countries, I am convinced that in this case also we will have His assistance, especially as it is a work of profound humanity, for which six thousand souls thank God”.
(2) Under the terms of the Second Vienna Award of 1940 most of northern Transylvania was ceded to Hungary.  When the deportation of Hungarian Jews commenced in May 1944 the Jews of Transylvania were included.  Approximately 160,000 from the region were deported and murdered, mostly at Auschwitz-Birkenau.
(3) There was an error in transmission.  Grossmann spoke of “two thousand families who wished to go to Palestine”.  In reply on 21.08.1944 (Telegram 263, AES 6510/44) the Secretariat of State wrote” “The Holy See has not failed to pass on telegram 187 of your Excellency to the Nunciature in Budapest”.

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