Friday, December 23, 2016

ADSS 1.255 Maglione to Orsenigo: Ribbentrop's audience with the Pope

ADSS 1.255 Luigi Maglione, Sec State, to Cesare Orsenigo, Germany

Reference: Telegram 165 (AES 2170/40)

Location and date: Vatican, 09.03.1940

Summary statement: Ribbentrop will have an audience with the Pope on 11.03.1940.

Language: Italian


German Ambassador (1) here has requested audience Holy Father for Minister Foreign Affairs Ribbentrop.  Audience will take pace Monday 11 March at 09.30. (2)

(1) Diego von Bergen (1872-1944), German Ambassador to the Holy See 1920-43.

(2) ADSS 1.254

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