Thursday, December 22, 2016

ADSS 1.250 Maglione: notes on meeting with French Ambassador

ADSS 1.250 Luigi Maglione, notes.

Reference: AES 2271/40

Location and date: Vatican, 01.03.1940

Summary statement: Meeting with French Ambassador and expression of uneasiness over relations between UK and Italy

Language: Italian


I spoke with the French Ambassador (1) about the anxiety caused to me by the fact that the commercial negotiations between Italy and Great Britain had been broken off, with ensuing tension.  I pointed out to him that France should speak discreetly but persuasively to their allies, in her own interest.  It would not be advisable to push the blockade to its limits, and thus to excite tempers here in Rome.

The ambassador accepted my suggestion well.


I also mentioned the matter to the Minister of Great Britain (2).

(1) Francois Charles-Roux (1879-1961), French Ambassador to the Holy See 1932-40.

(2) D’Arcy Osborne (1884-1964), British Minister to the Holy See 1936-47.

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