Monday, January 25, 2016

ADSS 1.172 Papee to Maglione: Germany has invaded Poland

ADSS 1.172 Casimir Papee, Polish Ambassador to the Holy See, to Luigi Maglione, Sec State.

Reference: AES 6073/39

Location and date: Rome, 01.09.1939

Summary statement: Germany has attacked Poland

Language: French


Although Poland in agreement with Britain and France has taken part in the British initiative to safeguard the Peace by negotiations, the armies on German soil have penetrated Polish territory, while squadrons of German planes have carried out bombardment of several localities. (1)

Note of Cardinal Maglione (2)

At 13.30hrs on 1 September, the Polish Ambassador made the above official verbal communication to me adding that at 11.00hrs he had been informed by his colleague from Paris that last night [sic] the Germans had started air raids, bombing Gdynia and all the big Polish cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Bielsk, etc., except Vilna.  He assured me that the frontier crossings and aggressions attributed to Polish soldiers are non-existent.

(1) Germany launched its invasion of Poland at 04.45hrs.  Warsaw was bombed at 09.00hrs.  The extent of the invasion became clearer as the hours passed. 

(2) Maglione’s note was written at the bottom of Papee’s note along with his signature.

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