Monday, January 25, 2016

ADSS 1.168 Tardini notes: Germany is ready for war

ADSS 1.168 Domenico Tardini, notes.

Reference: AES 6833/39

Location and date: Vatican, 31.08.1939

Summary statement: France Ambassador believes the Italian gov’t has decided to go to war.  Romanian Ambassador says German General Staff are in favour of war after the German-Soviet pact.

Language: Italian


The French Ambassador (1) assures me that, according to news in his possession, the Italian Government has by now decided to enter the war on the German side.  The Rumanian Ambassador (2) informs me that, since the Russian-German Pact, the German General Staff are in favour of going to war, while before they were against it.  He, however, cannot positively guarantee this news, which was given to him as certain.

(1) Francois Charles-Roux (1879-1961) French Ambassador to the Holy See 1932-40.

(2) Nicholas Petrusco Comnene (1881-1958), Rumanian Ambassador to the Holy See 1939-40.

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